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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Happy June!

Hey readerz! It's June, which means (in my case)...

- Iron Maiden concert (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!)
- My 2nd nephew will be born (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!)
- My mom's birthday party
- My final therapy session
- Official first day of summer
- Boyfriend's got three weeks off
- Hopefully lots of exercise and good health (fingers crossed)

- And probably swooning over my little new nephew and watching my 1st nephew being a big brother! Awwwwww :)

This is what May looked like (I didn't take many pictures...)

 had sleepy mornings with the cat

took pictures of cute ppl

did a Modern Family marathon

 trying to develop some more knitting skills

 new phone!

watching some Fool Us with these creeps

Orphan Black = fav show!

Have a great June, y'all! Byeeeeeeee

Thursday, May 12, 2016


What's up, guys? Guess what - WE MOVED!
We are living in a beautiful new place and I am just so happy and grateful!!
Here is the soundtrack for this blog post (it probably won't play in the blog, just open it in Youtube if you feel generous)...

(of course it's cheesy, what did you expect?? )
(and seriously - "life used to be so hard" is so true)

Picture time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (exclamation points!!)

one of the last pictures on my camera of the old house...

... and the first picture on the camera of the new place! we went from a total bat cave (an actual one, not the cool one with the gadgets and Michael Caine) to a big bucket of light and sunsets and sunrises through the windows!

I took some pictures with my phone + tiny fish eye lense

we're not completely done, yet, but a lot of things can wait... it's suddenly summer outside, you never know how long that will last in May!

And I took some sleepy photos with the "real" camera, this morning :)

 it's still hard to believe that there won't be any stress or drama from satan, I mean the landlord anymore?? no more violence or arguments??

 this wall is pink, but photographs really beige... I had to photoshop it a little to show off the actual colour!

 seriously,  A BUCKET OF LIGHT

 omg, did anyone just see that baby in my knee?????

and being artsy on the balcony!

The weather is amazing, and I need a workout, so I'm gonna go. I felt like doing this update and share the joy! Bye, everyone 

Thursday, April 28, 2016


It's almost May 2nd, also known as the day we GET THE KEY TO OUR NEW HOME and I am as exhausted as I am excited!

Right now, our house is in chaos - boxes and random objects everywhere and it's kind of horrible... My compulsive tendencies really act up and make me feel sad and worried. We plan everything out as well as we can, but I am the Monica of the relationship and my boyfriend is more of a Phoebe ("it will sort itself out, let's just have fun with it"), so he's having a better time than I am, at the moment.

Next week, though, we get to paint the new walls (seriously, tennis ball green and dark beige??) and make it ours, and my bf and his friends will carry all the heavy stuff! My mom will come and help with the paint job (it will be a lot of white and some pink), and who knows who else feels like helping :)

Anyway, until then, I make sure to do lots of work every day, and take knitting breaks and X-files breaks! (I hope my flu/cold/virus/whatever will clear up before May 2nd.)

I'm feeling happy and hopeful and ready for a change!

Ok, bye!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Knitting my first sweater!

Hey people!
2 weeks ago, I started a sweater for myself - something I have never done before... And without a pattern, I thought I'd figure it out along the way, and so far I have! Of course, I have not made the collar or the sleeves yet, so noooooo idea if it's gonna be as easy as I thought...

 first time using the seed stitch! what a pain in the ass to do, but so so pretty to look at

 yes, I know, the mistakes... I'm a total perfectionist, so yeah, they kinda kill me... but in the spirit of being kind to oneself, I just accept them and move on. I tried going back and fixing them, but the whole thing fell apart and hours and hours of work were lost :( So now I just accept them as well as I can (the most messed up piece will be the back of the sweater, haha) Also, don't knit the seed stitch when sleepy!

 so pretty and soft, I keep squeezing it

 back piece (probably), done! adding the collar will make it look less midevil, I'm hoping

kinda hoping I didn't measure it too small...

Any who, it's still in progress, so we'll see if I learn from my mistakes and hopefully the thing will fit :)


Saturday, April 23, 2016



Lately, I have been photographing some of what I eat (it's hard to not eat it before remembering to take a picture)!

I'm still learning that there is no "bad food", there is just "food". Like my friend Love said to me: some food is just more nutritionally dense than other foods!

I also strongly believe that you should not eat food you do not like - it will make you sad and it will not help. Even if you want to loose weight, find a way that you can like the food! You will not last if you hate your food - I know this from experience...

I will show you pictures of food that I ate; it's food that I liked and that is food that helps me work out, digest food and sleep better. It might also have helped me loose weight, but I didn't check. :)

 yes! healthy fats! this is a snack I had in between breakfast and lunch - cashews (not salted) and blueberries. in the evening, I sometimes eat this too, but with two squares of black chocolate (chocolate that has more than 70% cocoa)

 ok, this is not for everyone, but I loooove raw bell pepper/paprika! steamed and then grilled broccoli (with so many herbs and pepper that it does not taste like broccoli anymore) (because I don't like the taste of broccoli but it's affordable and easy to digest), and a piece of grilled salmon, that I rubbed olive oil and salt and pepper on. lots of pepper on everything makes it a little spicier and it also makes you feel full faster, which is nice if you want to eat less & loose weight.

 an omelet that fell apart, haha! I cut up mushrooms and paprika and mixed them with 3 eggs in a cup. I added a little old grated cheese and fried it in olive oil.

 green smoothie (and Kelsey from Buzzfeed, I'm in love with her): half a pineapple, a hand full of broccoli, and a banana. tastes sweet! I promise. I usually make these with spinach, but I ran out. and we always have piles and piles of broccoli in the fridge, hehe...

 oops, broccoli again?! this time I steamed it and then fried it with some a herb paste (in Dutch, these are called "boemboe"), and you can buy those in so many flavors at every supermarket! I love to fry vegetables in it, so tasty! broiled organic chicken legs (braadstomen van Maggi!) and couscous are also on the plate and also so good!

 oatmeal! I made this one with oats, cinnamon and coconut milk. I sometimes use almond milk, and add grated coconut. coconut is full of healthy fats, and I LOVE IT, so I get a proper share every day! I also fry sweet things in coconut oil.
I eat my oatmeal hot, but there are people that can stomach the stuff cold! the only downside is that the warm breakfast makes me really sleepy, haha

 rice cakes with peanut butter and banana, green tea and Drew Carey

 oatmeal cookie that's bigger than my face! these are easy to make and there are sooooo many possible varieties! this one was made with a mashed banana, 2 hands of oats, 1 egg, cinnamon and a pinch of salt. I mash it down on the oven plate as flat as I can, that way it bakes faster and is slightly crispy (it never really gets crispy because it has no flour in it). I like to do this, have a little workout in the living room whilst it's in the oven, and when it says "ding!" I can stop squirming on the living room floor and eat! I bake them at the hottest setting on my oven (my oven is slightly colder than it says on the setting) until the edges turn brown. in the case of this particularly cookie, it took 15 minutes. I could not finish the whole thing in one sitting!

 argh, I'm so embarrassed, broccoli again! I swear we eat lots of green beans and cauliflower and other green leafs as well! :) you're looking at brown grain rice, minced beef, and in herb paste grilled broccoli. we eat this a lot, it's pretty cheap and we both like it! we try alllllll the different herb pastes we can find at all the different supermarkets. there's some brown sugar in some of those (obviously the sweet ones), but only like half a sugar cube, and it makes me eat piles and piles of vegetables that otherwise I would not like. take from that what you will. also, I often add onions, garlic, bell pepper or whatever I find in the the kitchen :)

 tacos! or what dutch people think are tacos. I used 2 onions and 3 bell peppers and 250 g of organic minced beef to make the filling for the tacos. I found a "taco herb mix" that had no sugar in it, and used that to fry it all it. I used the beef's own fats to fry it in. on the right, there's a salsa/guacemole thing that I made with stuff I found in the cupboard: avocado and tomatoes! again - healthy fats :) 

my breakfast when I was feeling nauseous a  few days ago, but otherwise a snack. apple with some cinnamon. not very exciting, hehe..

So that's it for the stuff I photographed! No idea if it helps anyone, I'm just trying to find out stuff that is not lettuce but that is pretty healthy and edible :)

Not pictured but recommended:

- avocado mashed on whole grain crackers
- salsa made with mango, tomatoes, onion, and avocado (add some virgin oil & grind pepper)
- spoons of peanut butter
- pancakes made from 1 to 2 hands of oats, banana, 2 eggs and coconut (add apple or pineapple!)
- green beans and beef in whole grain tortilla wraps with herb paste and onions
- so many boiled eggs! after working out, in the salad, on sandwiches
- grilled tuna in stead of chicken
- greek yoghurt or cottage cheese (kwark) - lots of proteins! add fruits and honey
- apple in the oatmeal and dutch spices (speculaaskruiden), makes it smell and almost taste like apple pie
- oats/banana bread (recipe another time)
- raw food bars
- Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice-cream!! (you did not think I only eat "healthy" stuff??!)

Any questions are welcome, I'm by no means an expert - I am just sick/weak A LOT, FOR YEARS NOW, and these foods do help me feeling better and stronger! They also help me to fit in my pants most of the times :)

Lots of love and happy eating!

Thursday, April 21, 2016


'sup dudes? I'm sick at the moment, ugh, but I'll try to make a cute blog post... :)

I made a scarf! My mom is into soccer, and her favorite teams have red and white for teamcolours, so she needed a red and white scarf. I started over 8 or 9 times, because I was never happy with how it looked... *perfectionism!*

I would like to write out a pattern for those who knit, but those who knit can probably see the pattern when looking at the scarf! I'll write it out anyway...

- row 1: knit the first 3 stitches, knit as many stitches as you like, knit the last 3 stitches
- row 2: knit the first 3 stitches, purl the following stitches, knit the last 3 stitches
- repeat!

Here are pictures!

I chose thick yarn (8 mm), that way you get really far really fast! (that is, if you don't start over 9 times) My mom has sensitive skin, so I went with soft acrylic yarn, no prickly wool. (I am allergic to most wool, so I can not even knit with it anyway) Katia Canada is very affordable and comes in a lot of colors! I ordered it online.

 the colors are honestly a dream to photograph, so crisp and bright! 

 2 hours before I got really sick... you can kinda tell by my eyes (oopsie)

 cool accidental picture

 see? all the first and last 3 stitches are knitted and the rows in between are knitted and purled

 Stevie always thinks she's the model

 ah! my beautiful eyes! one (on the left for you guys) is always open and alert, and the other one (on the right for you) is always sultry and/or droopy! my eyebrows are not usually this crooked, though, had to  be the flu or cold that was creeping in

 my mom, either modeling her rings, or curious about the gift (I'll pretend to not be upset by the clashing colors in this picture)

yaaay, she liked it! (she specifically told me what she wanted, but still)

Have fun at the soccer games, mom!


ps: I'm working on a post about healthy foods! :)